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Purpose of the Program:

        The program aims at enhancing mutual understanding between Asian countries and Japan through promoting research projects in the field of the social sciences or humanities that are related to Japan.


Eligible Projects for Application:

        Any research project to be carried out by individual or a group in the field of the social sciences or humanities that is related to Japan.


Qualification of Applicant:

        Researcher shall be of Southeast or East Asian (non Japanese) nationality, living outside Japan. Awarded researcher must conduct the proposed research by himself or herself.


Fiscal 2019 Program:

        Application period : September 1 October 31, 2019

         Grant period :       One year (April 2020 through March 2021), but can be extended by another one year maximum upon request.

        Grant budget : \50 million in total, with 80 projects to be selected



        The Application Form, the Application Guide and the Instruction Sheet for Fiscal Year 2019 attached below.

Application Guide PDF

Instruction Sheet for Application Form (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)  (WORD)


The Application for Form duly filled in and signed shall be submitted together with a letter of recommendation, free-form from a person with an academic background by international courier or registered airmail.


Language for Application:

        English or Japanese



        The selection of applications will be made by the Foundations Selection Committee made up of certain persons of high academic standing. Based on such determination, the Foundations Board of Directors will approve the grant.



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