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【Close】Futures Thinking & Scenario Planning Workshop For Youths

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore will be organising our inaugural flagship event, Festival of Ideas (FOI) from 18-23 November 2019. This event coincides with the School’s 15th Anniversary and it will be a celebration of ideas and our research where the public and private sectors come together to discuss and exchange ideas on issues pertaining to the Governance for the Future in Asia.
We invite students to be part of the youth component of FOI. Futures Thinking & Scenario Planning Workshop for Youths will run for 2.5 days on November 21-23, 2019. This workshop is part of our efforts to amplify the involvement of our youth, the future leaders of our society, in public policy discussion and conversation. Students from Junior Colleges and Polytechnics in Singapore, International Schools in Singapore, and First Year Undergraduates in Asia will participate in this workshop.
Workshop participants will be trained by our faculty, to equip students with the required skillset for futures thinking and scenario planning. Activities will include tackling real-world problems from the perspectives of governments, private companies, and public, in turn. Together with others from different backgrounds and countries, students attending this workshop will have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. The 2.5-day programme is enclosed in Annex A for your reference.
At the end of the workshop, teams will produce a presentation of their versions of the future, and our panel of judges will assess and reward the top three teams with total cash awards of up to SG$4,500.
All nominated students will be required to complete the on-line registration form by 12 Aug. 2019. The selection process will be conducted on an individual basis based on the 3000 characters statement of intent. Successful students will be notified via email by 31 August 2019. Successful students will also be offered a hospitality package as detailed in Annex B to defray travel and accommodation expenses.


NCKU can nominate up to 4 students, if you are interested in this workshop, please write a short statement based on the topic "What are the future challenges in the Governance of Asia?" (Your answer should not exceed 3000 characters), and send to 10608052@gs.ncku.edu.tw by Friday noon (12:00) 12th  9th Aug.
The result will be announced on Monday 12th Aug. and we will send the registration link to the passed students.  
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